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tv   [untitled]    July 25, 2011 6:01pm-6:31pm EDT

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the government know what to do with the government this is not doing their job properly because they'll get in the no doubt of the people to wake up otherwise we'll just become slaves to the system who want to be treated as humans and they believe they can make a difference imo the government has to change things because they don't have a choice. with greece in shambles and neighboring portugal trashed by the rating agencies spain is facing not just a financial but a deepening social crisis members of the so-called indignant marches say they want their dignity preserved but whether their calls will be heard is another issue in those carty madrid. across the atlantic u.s. politicians are still tussling over how to raise the country's debt ceiling while republicans and democrats argue secretary of state hillary clinton has been trying to calm nervous asian investors that they will meet next week's deadline michael
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pendejo a senior economist at euro pacific capital says that is unlikely that both sides will reach an agreement. and even the yeah i read the. general will never. has and the real him he will never ever. to really. play it so the rand. and also one of the people i was slightly even. measure that are very very unlikely. even though they. were never in the us you know and they all of the. foreign creditors you know we all our deficit problems but i'll. reach through you know knowing. anywhere. you know. this
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is a really good one. else's problem and we have an obligation to show our community. to let you know. in. our own. stay with us here on our t.v. plenty more to come including the cost of war as nato forces in afghanistan cause more civilian casualties r.t.s. how much longer the alliance could justify its means as some observers say afghan anger is growing. plus no conviction no apology a former guantanamo inmates lifts the lid on the prison that he says ruined his life in our exclusive interview coming your way in about ten minutes. for thousands of norwegians gathered in the center of monday for a candlelight vigil for the victims of twin attacks that left seventy six dead
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people held flowers and candles commemorating those massacred in a shooting at an island youth camp in the bombing of government buildings the man who's admitted to the atrocities has been charged with terrorism at a closed court hearing in oslo and will be held in isolation for four weeks anders breivik pled not guilty saying he wanted to save europe and send a strong signal against immigration he also claimed there were two more cells in the organization that he belongs to for more on this we go live with david johnson of a.c.m. partners in chicago thanks for joining us so anders breivik the man charged with the attacks now claims that he's part of a larger network true or not is this a real trend or an isolated incident by an extremist what do you think i am concerned but it is a real trend sadly. while economic hardship has not caused this i think it is likely to exacerbate what we're seeing and i think that far right groups are going to gain increasing credence and popularity in the next few years throughout europe
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are these far right parties finding fertile ground to radicalize here pan's in the same way that islamism groups have with muslims unfortunately they are looking at just the scandinavian countries it is actually i. guess more or less all already received fourteen percent of the total vote in two thousand and seven in finland the true finns nineteen percent of the vote this april in norway the progress party received over twenty percent of the vote in two thousand and nine and in sweden the swedish democrats received six percent of the vote in two thousand and ten user numbers that suggest a broad based movement which is worryingly close to almost a century approach and we really need to hope that our leaders throughout europe will do more to put these type of caustic ideologies back on the fringes where they
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belong now in times of deep financial stress radical right right wing groups can flourish do you think we can extradite any of the blame here to the financial crisis across europe. i do not think that we can attribute blame to the financial crisis but i think the financial crisis is going to make it much more difficult to combat the message of these far right groups in times of economic stress it is distressingly easy for people to look for scapegoats and unfortunately it's human nature to seek out scapegoats that look different than us who have different customs there are so i'm very concerned that in the next half decade no financial stresses that all of europe is going to face are going to is going to help these groups grow in popularity and there's an increasing tide of leaders including on the low merkel and david cameron coming out against the concept of multiculturalism but what do you think can be the next step in
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a kind of post multicultural europe or world. i think europe and the world at large to to its credit has gone from an assimilationist mindset to a multiculturalist mindset and i think now we have to go to what i would call a medical churl mindset we all need to embrace the idea that there is no there should no longer be separate cultures we are merging into a global culture which is going to wire change from both immigrants and native born people living in their own country and we this miss synthesis of cultures is going to be a net positive for all of us but unfortunately the frictions early on are going to be difficult as we're seeing with the brevik tragedy. david johnson of a.c.m. partners in chicago thanks very much for joining us thanks so much. five afghan children have been injured in an attack by
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a british apache helicopter they were working in a field in helmand province saturday when you where u.k. forces were targeting an insurgent on a motorcycle nearby almost fifteen hundred civilians have been killed this year which is already the deadliest since the invasion started in two thousand and one peace activist lindsey german tells us that the alliance his actions prove that war isn't working. i think that it will just convince more people in afghanistan the war isn't helping them but it is actually killing and injuring more and more people so isn't working isn't going to work when you have a war where the risk of growing insurgency will be all sorts of people who are victims of this and children are obviously one of the worst of the casualties the only solution to this is the so you war isn't working as there is absolutely no justification for nato forces to be there and that they should withdraw the troops
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this is now coming up to the tenth anniversary of the war and there is absolutely no question that this war is not getting better it is getting worse it is almost certain that whatever settlement eventually comes in afghanistan it will involve the taliban in some capacity nearly everybody now recognizes this so what is the point of continuing this war the point of continuing this war is because the americans and the british and their allies cannot admit defeat in the second country after what happened in iraq that is why they're there they in order to prop up a government that they have no real confidence in they are in order to save their own faces they are there to protect their interests they're not there to protect the ordinary afghans and we've seen this again this week syria's government has approved a law to allow the formation of political parties other than president assad the ruling baath party opposition movements were banned when it came to power in one nine hundred sixty three it's part of
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a series of reforms promised by assad to try quelling months of protests against his regime political theorist benjamin barber says this change in legislature is nothing more than a sort of charade. it is not anything but formal and technical change the reality is this government cannot afford to have a genuine multi-party. approach because the parties that will be empowered powers that. rule and the end of bashar assad in other words if they do more than just a formality it will lead to the fall of. believe that this is anything more than a attempt to stall for a while. i do not believe it will lead to multi-party democracy and i do not believe that in the end. i would suggest that the united states and the western powers are being hypocritical they talk about change but of course they
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haven't really put any pressure. on syria the kind that they have put on libya for example that i don't see any nato planes preventing civilian casualties i don't see anyone really moving to look for an alternative the fact is the west. but he is the known evil and i think they're very worried about what the unknown alternative might look like so i suspect that while they will continue to posture in public and pretend to condemn the regime they will do little to actually remove assad he knows that and therefore he will make some nice noises about multi-party democracy and about accommodation but in reality he will hang tough and i believe that very little chance. turning now to some other stories making headlines across the globe the new york hotel maid who accuses former i.m.f.
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chief dominique strauss kahn of sexually assaulting her has gone public. has told newsweek magazine she's telling the truth about the attack in may and wants to see strauss kahn behind bars authorities are considering whether to drop the charges against him and made doubts over her credibility strauss kahn denies all the charges. hundreds of gay couples got married in new york on sunday the u.s. state became the sixth and so far most populous to recognize same sex unions the i do started at midnight to the cheers and applause of family and friends meanwhile thousands condemn the weddings at rallies across the state. the last serbian fugitive wanted by the u.n. war crimes tribunal has appeared in court on has it faces fourteen charges including crimes against humanity during the balkans war in the one nine hundred ninety s. serbian officials hope his arrest will pave the way to eventual e.u. membership giant diana johnston who's written extensively on the balkans says the hague court was only set up to bring one side to justice. the tribunal that is
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indeed set up may need to to back the nato gratian out of the. crisis as being the responsibility of the syrian joint criminal enterprise i don't think there will be is more corrupt and other countries that are already admitted to the e.u. but i think the thing is is this really in the benefit to benefit. if you listen to what the europeans are saying they're saying up another hurdle has been crossed they're not saying the last through there is saying an important hurdle and the other hurdles remain namely is that during the mission by syria the recall off of its problems in kosovo i think that mr tutt is the group that is in power which is the group that is backed by the united states and the european union is in fact ready to give away everything that can be given away it's only
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a question of how they can formulated in order to get it past the syrian voters. first meeting in three years of the foreign ministers from north and south korea has been met with cautious optimism both sides agree entering new stalled six party talks over pyongyang's nuclear program but the u.s. secretary of state says washington it won't back negotiations unless north korea first starts dismantling its atomic facilities to talk more about this and what it means for regional security we're joined with erik's iraq co-founder of the national campaign to end the korean war thank you for joining us so the two countries have agreed to renew talks after a long period of stagnation what do you think has happened why do you think this is happening now well we're heading into a new elections this next year in south korea and certainly that could be one of the reasons the south koreans have taken a very hard line against the north and currently the united states as well as sol's korea. deliveries to the north engaged in certain war
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games that have the. but what we're seeing now for the first time perhaps is the south koreans and washington beginning to move again back to the negotiating table and we certainly hope that that's a good sign. and the u.s. has always expressed support for south korea regarding it as an ally against the north now when the two koreas have renewed agreed to renew talks what do you think that does for the u.s. position. well the us is been expanding on you island a military base there and other aspects of our military expenditures in south korea i mean a peaceful north south korea japan china would be huge for the region as well as for world peace and so in reality for the united states who is currently suffering from such an economic problem if we could avoid spending the billions and billions of dollars we spend each year defending the thirteen the
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large didn't start khana me and begin to focus just what's needed in the region which is relationship and establishing ties and ending the korean war since there has not been a peace treaty to do this what we hope is that this will lead to finally after sixty years we get a peace treaty and get out of just an armistice degree meant to temporarily stop fighting so that the two sides can really begin to explore ways to build peace to lead potentially to some type of reunification but at least to lower the hostilities reduce the militarization of northeast asia now earlier this year the u.s. and south korea held joint military maneuvers out with something that the north condemned what do you think what do you think comes from these are sort of back and forth provocations if you will or are they well we forget that you know you can reach agreements even with people you have profound differences with the word exercises where we simulate landing two hundred thousand troops and taking over beyond yang
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and defending against other types of attacks only serves to amp it up and certainly the comments and expressions from the north don't help either so you have both sides who need to step back and certainly begin to look at peaceful exercises of their relationship there north korea has not. as always indicated. that for a peace treaty and formalized relations with the united states that it would give up its nuclear weapon capability that has always been on the table and we should be grabbing that as a real opportunity because more than one hundred fifty countries have normalized relations with the north and we need formal channels to begin to deal with these things like jimmy carter and former ambassadors have been saying and our campaign the national campaign to end the korean war and the korean war dot org that organization along with many others are beginning to help washington move from
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demonisation to engagement which is really necessary for any systematic change and last know if there is a recent develop that north korea has been invited to washington to discuss cooperation what do you think will be the result well certainly the invitation is a positive step the north koreans have always wanted by lateral talks it was the united states that separated korea. many many years ago and more than sixty years ago and it's the united states that really i think holds the key to peace in this region with our twenty eight thousand troops stationed there more than one hundred bases impose it really is it time now for washington and north korea to be dialoguing to care of five that we have no hostility intended toward them and that we are willing to engage and end the korean war and look forward and not then all right erica iraq and co-founder of
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a national campaign to end the korean war thanks fair piece but thank you. stay with us here on our team up next despite president obama's pledge to shut a notorious prison camp kuantan him obey continues to affect lives arky spoke with one former prisoner who says the u.s. hasn't given him apology for his years of maltreatment that's coming your way next .
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united states held. a detention camp for five years before releasing him without charge mr have you ever been given an apology or an explanation by the americans. what's even i don't thing that are going to apologize for you were arrested in pakistan in two thousand. here in germany i saw the group it's called. helping. young people who have problems with drugs or homeless people who has problems at all they always come from pakistan they have their own eighty million members. i think the biggest. nonpolitical and. against war of course and also. because
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they are against war but. when i went to pakistan i went to the to their school. they have each year i guess. between thirty and forty. students people who was wasting that school each year what were the circumstances of your arrest when i got arrested. they didn't told me anything what's going on they didn't told me. that they're looking for terrorists or what it was they said just. going to check your passport a lot i did not know that time was a gift all the bonspiel through some dollars for each person and. not under my name bought for anyone who is two and all out so the americans as a terrorist they will receive through song and through some dollars in pakistan a lot of money was not social justice when i had my first interrogation by months
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during my detention in pakistan. they asked me if i will mall with osama bin laden if he did there was not interested on me you were transferred to kandahar in afghanistan what happened there in kandahar was happening. all kind of things like you can just imagine on the thoughts. and. on myself i saw many people got killed on the torture and. i was one of those who survived those kind of closure on myself they used electroshocks because i will not sign papers and. i was forced to agree that i may be a member of god you want to go and. i'm not even really i didn't know at the time what used to be i didn't know a lot i tried anything so. when they asked me what i thought entirely on i said i'm
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not a member of them and they brought me papers cost me to sign i refused and that's why they tortured me about they forced me to write me to sign. electroshocks and. in other times he forced me to water treatment at school what a lot of boarding the some. on the waterboarding. another time they hang on chains i had chains on my hands and i was hanging on the ceiling that was pulling me on the ceiling with a chain and you into my feets used to be all over the floor and. off the few days i started pos of course because in that situation i could not eat or drink and it was freezing call it was during winter time and i had no clothes on so i was hanging there for many days when the interrogator came he pulled me back down and he asked
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me are you going to sign on out every time i said no he just made like this and they're putting that up what happened to all the detainees at guantanamo i got water water. after i had seen a couple things got a couple couple people got killed in front of me so it wasn't the first second one i got i had so many people who got killed and some of them they got just keep on has had to go until he died. and saw that one he was hanging on cheney until he died. many things. when i got a lot of orders of course i was sure. i can be the next one whether any underage detainees in guantanamo yes the youngest one was nine years old the second youngest was twelve and i still can't understand. why they get arrested do you agree with u.s. officials who say. that it makes people tell the truth when they told me if i will
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be terrorist i never will take me because they are touching me anyway so what i have to do is get off saying it time people on the top told them couple things i don't know what was the. what many people are lying because. if they torture they are asking. spec. so. that's why and the more. were you told anything about. the first three years i didn't even know that my family and also that i'm alive and even. though that's my family doesn't know that i'm in guantanamo i didn't know anything so you know when i got to. thank you
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for speaking with.
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wealthy british style. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger or a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines kaiser reports.
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two thirty am in moscow these are your r.t. headlines thousands of protesters remain on the streets of madrid furious at spain's huge unemployment rate in the government's faltering attempts to deal with a financial crisis many say the international monetary fund and brussels are deciding the country's future as much as the spanish government. across the atlantic the clock is ticking over a potential u.s. default with the white house and congress and deadlocked over how to raise the fourteen trillion dollar debt ceiling meanwhile secretary of state clinton is working to reassure asian investors that the government will not default on its
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debt that could potentially trigger another global economic meltdown. and a vigil for the victims norway remembers those lost in friday's deadly attack says the man whose confessed to the killings claims he is only one part of extremist network anders breivik. but even they're having to adapt to the changing times coming up in our special report we discover who is on the hit list these days stay with us. are much more dangerous. neighborhood.
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